How to Create the PERFECT MASTER PLAN for any Goal, Vision, or Life Purpose that is in Absolute Harmony with the Spiritual Laws of Creation ...

My name is Wynston A. Wilson ... known to my students and clients as Wilson-On-Your-Mind.

As a lifelong scholar of Metaphysics, Esoteric Philosophy, and Enhanced Studies Dedicated to Theosophy and the Systematic Study of the Natural Laws of the Universe and its Higher Wisdom, I, will  be your Guide and Mentor, and introduce you to my DIVINE BLUEPRINT for Creating the Perfect Master Plan for any Goal, Vision, or Major Purpose You Wish to Attain in Life!

I'll provide you hundreds of illustrations, examples, and exercises as guideposts on your path.  I'll point out the highlights for you to observe; show you the pitfalls which can spare you agony and angst … and reveal to you the fundamental guidelines on How to Tap and Exploit the Secret, Hidden Realms of Universal (or Spiritual) Law.

... And as appreciation for trusting me as your Guide and Mentor ...

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To say Wynston has been an amazing teacher, guide and mentor to me would be a gross understatement. In my time studying with Wynston I have grown in tremendous ways and the evidence of my personal growth practices is overwhelming. Wynston is discerning and deliberate, presenting information objectively in meaningful and relatable ways; always keeping in mind the student’s uniquely individual qualities as well as their level of understanding and capacity for additional knowledge. I thirst for the wisdom that my Teacher carefully guards, but have learned to be present with my evolution and not hurry beyond the NECESSARY steps of my personal journey. I appreciate seeing Wynston’s delight at the excitement and eagerness of myself and other seekers. He truly enjoys guiding others to new levels of thought and consciousness, and I look forward to continuing to absorb all of the wisdom and experience he has to offer.
Kyrstal M. - Wash. D.C

I took this course as a recommendation from a good friend facing a severe personal growth challenge.  I am a business owner, father of 2 beautiful children and still married with my wonderful wife, and I had many challenges in my life too. This course intrigued me, and I was so blown away by the clarity and simplicity on how Mr Wilson explains his strategies. This course gives you excellent strategies on how you can get rid of your negative thoughts and focus your mind on a positive solution for success.
This is a must-take course for everyone facing career, business, or personal growth challenges.  I recommended this course to 3 very close and good friends of mine.
Adrian Ziliani - Lugano, Switzerland
Bravo!  A great course for any human being, from college students to senior citizens. DIVINE BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS is universal and relatable to anybody seeking the pathway to success. Wynston's conversational tone and real life examples, strategies and tips, made for an easy yet exciting read. Speaking on Mental Hygiene, Mr. Wilson teaches the student how to rid your mind of any negative thoughts propelling you through adversity and unto success. Not a wasted page or word in the course. Truly a great help!
Donyell James-Victor - Morgan State University
Wynston’s "Boot Camp" advice on the importance of having a clean mental hygiene is right on target with the emergence of the collective spirituality happening in the world right now. An excellent resource, that has already impacted my life and dealing with day to day challenges moving ahead in my new business, learned from “The Master” himself.  I cannot wait to take the main course!
Emily D. - Providence Rhode Island
Wynston exemplifies the formula of the successful throughout this course:   totally focused, engaging and deliberating!
Kinza D. - Burtonsville, MD


Congratulations on taking the first step toward building your life of success, based on the Universal Laws of Creation!

For over 35 years, I have successfully helped thousands of people realize their home and family, personal growth, health and fitness, finance, work and career, and business goals using the illustrations, examples, and exercises I have laid out in DIVINE BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS.

I invite you to now to enroll in my 21-day Boot Camp for Divine Success, to prep your mind for its revelation ... and begin studying today!

To your Divine Success,

Wilson On Your Mind

BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS ... How to Create the Perfect Master Plan For ANY Goal, Vision or Life-Purpose!

Learn everything you need to know to Create the Perfect Master PlanĀ  For ANY Goal, Vision or Life-Purpose ... in absolute harmony with the Laws...

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