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"To say Wynston has been an amazing teacher, guide and mentor to me would be a gross understatement. In my time studying with Wynston I have grown in tremendous ways and the evidence of my personal growth practices is overwhelming. Wynston is discerning and deliberate, presenting information objectively in meaningful and relatable ways; always keeping in mind the student’s uniquely individual qualities as well as their level of understanding and capacity for additional knowledge. I thirst for the wisdom that my Teacher carefully guards, but have learned to be present with my evolution and not hurry beyond the NECESSARY steps of my personal journey. I appreciate seeing Wynston’s delight at the excitement and eagerness of myself and other seekers. He truly enjoys guiding others to new levels of thought and consciousness, and I look forward to continuing to absorb all of the wisdom and experience he has to offer."
Krystal M. - Wash. D.C


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