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When can I expect to realize results after completely processing my way through Phase #2, the Action Plan Template?

If you follow the S.M.A.R.T. approach, which is a best-practice procedure for bringing structure and trackability to your Action-Plan, you'll be able to measure your results as outlined in Step 4-D in the Template.

What if I experience any problems as I go through the process of filling out my Action-Plan Template?

Painstaking efforts have been taken to assure a comprehensible, user-friendly Action-Plan process.  This means that every single step in the Template has been thoroughly checked and re-checked for reasonable and rational response, based on the sequential step-by-step questions.  It is thus recommended, that you fill out the Template (METHODICALLY), that is, STEP-by-STEP, over a period which you deem necessary to your satisfaction. 

Why is the cost of the Blueprint for Success formula so inexpensive?

Purchased at it's fair market value, the cost for the Blueprint for Success formula  would be $749:  I
  • You're getting a 2-week MASTER CLASS FOR SUCCESS, comprising  substantive, research-based  facts, principles, strategies and tips, which the vast majority of people have little or no access to.
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Simply put, you're getting value, which means that If we actually quantified ALL of the components which comprise the Blueprint Success Formula, the price-tag would be exponentially higher ... $649.