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From Ill-fate to Good Fortune


How a naive, uneducated, gullible, broke, near-homeless immigrant from a poor West African country managed to make it in America!

Inasmuch as I have been a lifelong scholar of Metaphysics, Dedicated to the Systematic Study of the Natural Laws of the Universe and Her Higher Wisdom, I am also a Motivational Speaker Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, Life Coach, and Online Academy Instructor and ... notwithstanding my apparent success


with Your Desire for a Successful Future-Destiny!

WHY? ... because like the vast majority of people ... my attempts in quest of success failed so often ... that I almost lost hope ... until I learned that THERE IS A MORE RELIABLE SIDE OF THE ROAD that I could have kept to, had I been wisely guided, as I hope to guide you.

Little did I know that there was a Hidden Secret in those years which treated me so harshly; that the path I once walked often dampened with tears, had not been a wasted journey.

SHORT BIOGRAPHICAL ACCOUNT ... primarily, to motivate you to take decisive action on the dream in your heart. 

That this brief narrative serves as an example, that no matter what pitfall, obstacle or setback life strews in your path ... you have it within your capacity to weather life's storms ... and determine the degree to which you shall have health, happiness, and ... optimal fulfillment.  

And right here Dear Client, is where my journey begins.

I was born in Liberia, on the west coast of Africa ... and for starters, was launched into this world almost naturally dis-favored, and as you will very soon discover, encountered numerous challenges, threats and losses along the way.

Topping my list of vicissitudes, was being orphaned of both parents at birth, and at age 13, caught in the throes of a full blown civil war ... a genocidal conflict in a country that I was visiting (at the time).  Eye-witness to the catastrophe of massacre and decimation of the infrastructure about me, made it difficult to believe in a fair and just world.   

Managing to flee the turmoil with 7 other members of my family in a cargo plane that was targeted, shot at, and near-missed blowing up ... we landed at the nearby island of Fernanda Po.  Without passports to link us to our country of origin, nor any other-type documentation to identify us, neither proof of the country we had just fled, we sought temporary asylum there, and granted protected status until our Liberian Embassy intervened, and arranged for our journey home.

Then as an adult, I faced even more obstacles, pitfalls and setbacks.  

Due to a increasing lack of opportunity in my country of origin Liberia ... my (then pregnant) wife and I encountered extreme difficulties supporting our family.   Desperately pondering our predicament, we discussed what we could do to mitigate our plight.

We eventually arrived at a crossroads that would alter our lives forever!

We had settled on the notion ... that as there were more favorable conditions for promise residing in America ... I, should relocate there, in order to pave a new life ahead for our 2 young children and unborn child.  This way, we would all have a fighting chance for a brighter future-destiny!

And so .. in 1978 at the age of 25 with flight ticket in hand and a meager $50 in my pocket ... I bid farewell to my family, and embarked upon my pilgrimage to America ... "land flowing with milk and honey"!

Clad with nothing more than a virgin curiosity and the aspirations of hope, I arrived at JFK International Airport in May, 1978 an unsophisticated, naive crusader in quest of the elusive dream called 'success'. 

Looking back on those days, I had hardly given much thought to my stark limitations:

  • I was yet a mere high school graduate
  • I had no tangible work skills to trade upon
  • I was destitute and broke
  • I had absolutely no social contacts
  • I had no safety net whatsoever

All things considered ... I felt like like a fish outside of its natural habitat!

Even as I braced myself for what I later on discovered would be a long and complicated adventure ... foremost on my mind, was sustenance for my family and I.

To say the very least, it was an emotionally trying period as I struggled to acclimate to the new country ... especially, as my family (still in Liberia), was at serious risk of life and limb, due to a bloody military coup which took place only a couple of months after I arrived in the States!

How they survived that grim ordeal, and how they eventually got out, is entirely another story!

In the process of settling down and experimenting with 'the American dream' however ... the more formidable of my challenges, was not seeing my wife and kids for 5 long years, at the same time surviving on the barest necessities, as I scrimped to send them every nickel, dime and penny I could spare ... and, to save for their ticket-fare to join me in here in America.

But there were more harrowing circumstances life had in store for me ... many, which I narrate in more detail throughout my Amazon #1 bestselling book, "ANTIDOTES FOR ADVERSITY ... 21 Effective Ways To Get Through Life's Toughest Challenges".

As one would expect, being physically distant from my wife for 5 emotionally draining years placed a tremendous strain on our marriage, and by the time my family arrived in the US in 1983 ... our child she was bearing before I left Liberia, was already four and a half years old!

Ofcourse, acclimating them to the new country presented quite a task, and so I put my dreams on hold, as labored to assure them a sound education, by enrolling them in the best private schools in the state we lived.

As they grew, and learned and approached adulthood, my situation gradually began to turn distressful; and in point of fact ... wound up a deeply disturbing nightmare!

Of the most frightful experiences I encountered, was the feeling of grief and despair when my 19 year old son was incarcerated for 14 grueling years for a crime he was innocent of.  Even worse ... when my once treasured relationship with my wife turned totally upside-down ... followed by the threat of foreclosure of my home almost immediately thereafter ... which brought me to near-brink of bankruptcy ... and a hair's-breath away from homelessness.


As recent as 2012 ... divorced, broke, near-homeless, and virtually jobless ... I was (in effect), saddled under the daunting weight of many years of pitfalls, obstacles, and serious setbacks.

Yet ... little had I realized that there were AWESOME HIDDEN SECRETS in those years which had treated me so harshly ... that the path I had walked often dampened with anguish and tears, had not been a wasted journey.

Without exaggeration … the secrets of which I'm speaking, transformed my life … literally altering my status as a once unknown …into an Internationally Acclaimed Bestselling Author!

Applying a combination of these secrets propelled the book I had been writing for almost 8 years ("ANTIDOTES FOR ADVERSITY”) … into an overnight bestseller in less than 18 hours!

It gives me immense pride and sense of accomplishment to be featured as an Amazon's #1 bestselling author, in their distinguished category of Personal Transformation & Spirituality.

** But please understand ... I mention my tale of ill-fate to good fortune neither to boast, nor to exult myself ... but to reassure you that it was not by luck or chance that I launched into success **

If only I had someone to guide me … as I hope to guide you … my pathway would have been less riddled with roadblocks, uncertainty, and anxious moments.

Ever since the publication of my book … my life has transformed 180-degrees ... and everywhere I go, doors never fail to open up for me. 

As a Personal Transformation Life Coach, I work with clients from all walks of life and from all over the world … in person, as well as online.  And as a Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker ... libraries, universities, corporations, military bases, religious and educational institutions invite me to deliver motivational presentations … where my greatest fulfillment is to inspire and ignite significant personal transformation in the crucial areas of people's lives.

Indeed, the entire experience has been a truly amazing journey … as I've established rewarding relationships with many new friends and business contacts, as well as generous, successful people. 

This goes to say, that no matter what hardships you may have encountered in your life ... a successful future-destiny is also, very much within your own reach … and that you too will be able to achieve the sum-total of your repeated efforts plied daily … culminating in the progressive realization or your own personal goals, vision, or life-purpose.

And now Dear Client ... if a newly arrived neophyte like myself could overcome the

roadblocks life has strewn in my path, and wind up among the charmed circle of the


That's right!  YOU TOO can learn how to swim with the tide, rather than against it ...

no longer to be a mockery of fate, or the laughing stock of circumstance.

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